The Curious Person’s Guides to Urology by Stephen Lieberman, M.D.

Dr. Lieberman practiced urology in Portland Oregon from 1982 to 2014 at Kaiser Permanente in Oregon and Washington. He was an Affiliate Assistant Professor at Oregon Health Science University when he retired in 2014.

Dr. Lieberman has recently published two books for patients with conditions that affect the urinary tract in men and women, and the reproductive tract in men.

A Curious Woman’s Guide to Urology:
UTIs, Wet Pants, Stones, and More!

A Curious Man’s Guide to Urology:
Sex, Stones, Prostate Woes, and More!

These books are written to provide patients with clear and comprehensive information to enable conversations with their medical professionals in order to make decisions about their health.

One of the joys of being a physician is helping patients understand what’s happening to their bodies when things go wrong. I wrote these two books to help men and women understand common problems that affect the urinary tract and may require a referral to a urologist. Once supplied with this information, a more robust and satisfactory “Shared Decision Making” conversation between clinician and patient will occur. 

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